Tangled Bank #113 at En Tequila es Verdad

The Tangled Bank Dana Hunter En Tequila es Verdad gives us
The Tangled Bank 113: A Labor Day Carol:

Blogging across the parallel universes brings not only rewards but a burden of responsibilities. I learned this to my chagrin one day in 2112, on Tangled Bank #113, a beautiful little terraformed world in Parallel U. Gamma, named in honor of the great Charles Darwin….
My physicist friend Yoo Chung burst in my door shortly after creating a time travel device that utilized the wormholes he once doubted.

“Dana! Grab your Smack-o-Matic and hurry!” he shouted, arms flailing like dear little windmills. “Darwin never published Origin in Parallel U. Cappa. Now the backward denizens of that universe have stolen a U-Skipper from the anthropologists sent to observe them and are planning to unleash ignorance bombs throughout the multiverse! There’s no time to lose!”

Sounds like fun. Get over there and follow the links.

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