PDF best practices

On Planet PDF, Shlomo Perets is publishing a series of articles about PDF Best Practices. He reminds us that PDF doesn’t always mean Acrobat PDF.

Here’s the first one:

Save vs. Save As

Acrobat’s ‘Save’ function is a “fast save” which does not remove deleted objects from the file being saved (so that deleting 50 pages out of 100 and saving will actually result in a slightly larger file compared to the original). Only ‘Save As’ rewrites the entire file so that items no longer used are not stored in the file.

During the rewriting, Acrobat can also optimize the file, storing identical items only once and reference them in different pages. Thus, when finalizing a PDF it is beneficial to do a ‘Save As’ to get rid of extra baggage or deleted items, even if no change was actually done in that last session.

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