Better sex lives with hormone therapy

A new study of over 2000 women shows that they have better sex lives, less joint pain, and better sleep.

Lead New Zealand researcher Beverley Lawton, director of the Women’s Health Research Centre at Otago University, said the new research should give peace of mind to women and their doctors about HRT, which fell out of vogue after a 2002 study linking long-term use with an increased risk of blood clots, breast cancer and heart attacks.

“There’s been a lot of fear about HRT almost approaching mythical proportions … but what this research shows is that for most women, the benefits outweigh the risks.”

…Dr Lawton said many women found sex drive disappeared after menopause, replaced by sleeplessness and night sweats. “Some said the loss of libido was like a light switch being turned off, but HRT restored it.

…Though HRT could carry a slightly increased risk of blood clots (similar to plane travel, the contraceptive pill and pregnancy) and a higher incidence of breast cancer (less than 0.1 per cent increased risk per year of use after seven years), new data suggests HRT could lower the risk of heart disease.

The study was published on the British Medical Journal website yesterday.

Measles cases rise as vaccinations fall

Anti-vaccination parents in the U.S. are putting their own and other children at risk. The U.S. is seeing a new surge of measles cases spread by unvaccinated children. In such a litigious country, I’m surprised no one is suing them.

As measles has no animal vector — it is spread only from person to person. That means we have a real chance of eliminating it if we can halt transmission anywhere for as little as two weeks.

A few centuries ago, new diseases like measles–which can only be sustained in a population of a million or more — made going to the city to seek your fortune a risky business. More people died of disease in cities than were born, so at first they depended on an influx of hopeful or desperate people from the country to keep up their population.

Measles depends on person-to-person contact to spread. Any strain of the virus that killed off its host too quickly would not spread. So milder strains evolved. Measles is less likely to kill now. But it still causes deafness, sterility, and birth defects. Why court those?

Deep thoughts

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From the Nature Network: “Deep thoughts and silliness” About Expelled the movie.

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