Digital Cuttlefish poem in one minute

A Loyal Reader has recorded the Digital Cuttlefish’s verse “The Modest Agnostic” for your listening pleasure.

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Niccotine addiction may be hereditary

We all have nicotine receptor genes but different kinds (alleles) of the gene make receptors that react differently to nicotine. People with one kind of receptor are eight times more likely to find their first cigarette pleasurable than others. According to the online version of the journal Addiction:

American researchers studied data from 435 volunteers to probe the link between forms of a nicotine-receptor gene called CHRNA5, how people recalled their first smoking experience, and how they smoke now.

They compared three groups:

  • those who never smoked;
  • those who never got hooked after trying at least one cigarette but not more than 100; and
  • regular smokers who lit up at least five cigarettes a day for at least five years.

Regular smokers were far more likely to have the less common form of the gene compared with those who never smoked.

Teleportation will never be practical

There is too much information to be transmitted. It’s nice to daydream, though.

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