Happy belated birthday, Randi!

the Amazing Randi as a superheroLast week was the Amazing Randi’s 80th birthday. No wonder he’s thinking of retiring! He has been a stalwart fighter for rationality and against scams, trickery, credulity, and nonsense. Many happy returns of the 7th!


From the toddler imitating her mother’s tones and mannerisms to the competitive driver trying to pass everyone else on the road to the young athlete starting her first triathlon, we all imitate what we grow up with.

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Protect your domain name

It’s that time of year again: time to renew my domains. And CIRA is helping me along by sending this reminder about why it’s a good idea to protect your domain name.

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Conference registration tools

Idealware has evaluated event registration software and come up with a few good, inexpensive conference registration tools.

No-frills version:

  • PayPal
  • Eventbrite
  • Brown Paper Tickets

More complex:

  • Acteva
  • 123Signup
  • RegOnline
  • Cvent

… and more


Mount Damavand, Iran

Mount Damavand, Iran

There’s no agreed-on definition for mountain. I guess you know one when you see one.

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