Skeptico blog has an article about an “alternative medicine”  wiki called SCAMpedia. Translations of a message promoting the wiki of woo are provided:

Do you know that nearly all Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) articles on Wikipedia, including the one that you practice, are heavily biased against CAM therapies? Everything that does not fall into the realm of modern medicine has been labeled as pseudo-scientific or unscientific at Wikipedia.

Our therapies are not backed by scientific evidence, and in many cases are actually proven by science to be nonsense.  Wikipedia reports these facts.

All you really need to know about alternative medicine is that as soon as it is proved to work, it’s not alternative any more.

Satellite photo of wildfires

California wildfires from space

California wildfires from space

This image of wildfires in California in July shows the smoke drifting out to sea from northern California and what I take to be sea-fog in the lower part of the picture, extending up to about Orange County. It’s from NASA’s Terra satellite and comes courtesy of Orange County’s Science Dude, Gary Robbins.

Internet resources for PostScript and GhostScript

Here’s an interesting page:

What is PostScript?   A page description programming language.   Mostly, it tells a printer where to place ink on paper. For most people, PostScript just silently works.   But you are not like most people.   You want more.   Here you go:

PostScript, GhostScript, drawing, printing, fonts, EPS, PDF, and more.
GhostScript gives you page images – it’s the EPS version of Adobe Reader.

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