Questionable e-cards

Some eCards is ironic and topical. You’ve got to like a site with the motto, “When you care enough to hit Send.”



I wanna be a Wiki Gardener!

What’s a wiki gardener? It’s the techie editor’s dream job:

A WikiGardener is a person who goes around the wiki, correcting typos here, rearranging things to be more readable there. In general, good WikiGardeners are liked and respected, since they have the magical ability to take a jumble of pages and create good, readable text out of them. Anyone can be a WikiGardener: If you see a typo or a spelling mistake, feel free to correct it! If you feel up to it, rearrange a page, or split a long page to smaller pages, or if you think some page belongs to some WikiCategory, add a link to it. If you make a mistake, don’t worry about it, since everything you do can be restored. Also, remember to add a change note when doing your wikigardening.

Cindy McCain, druggie

With all the media scrutiny, publishing of rumours, and unflattering descriptions of Michelle Obama, we haven’t heard much about the wife of John McCain, the Republican candidate. There’s no publicity for Cindy McCain’s criminal past. I wonder why not?

Modest swimwear: the burkini

After one of my open-water swims north of Toronto, I got chatting with a Muslim woman. She was interested in my wetsuit for modest swimming. I said it wasn’t suitable, being both tight and expensive.

I suggested lightweight nylon pyjamas or lightweight winter underwear from an outdoor store.

There’s a market for swimwear that covers. I’ve seen children wearing swim clothes that protect them from the sun, something like a smooth T-shirt and shorts. And some women don’t want to let it all hang out.

A Muslim woman in Australia has crossed the burqa with the bathing suit to make the burkini or burqini for modest swimwear for the active Muslim woman. Look for them at At AUS $215 for a set, my acquaintance might be still better off with the pyjamas.

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