Wikis for documentation and product updates

Anne GentleScott Abel, the Content Wrangler, is hosting an article by Anne Gentle:

Anne Gentle has provided a list of wikis she has found that are used for product documentation or to provide new and updates about software products.

Wikis as documentation tools

Jeffrey Tadlock at Cognitive Confusion has written about Wikis as documentation tools:

as being a central place for server config information, tips and tricks on various services we have running and even up to and includng contact information for various vendors. I have a fair amount of it documented already – just in a myriad of text files, word docs, spreadsheets and my mail client’s address book. This should allow us to have all of that in one place for others in the department to look at when needed.

For our case I was trying to decide between MoinMoin and MediaWiki. MoinMoin is Python based, while MediaWiki is your more typical LAMP (Linux, Apache MySQL and PHP) app. I was tempted to go the MoinMoin route as it does get good reviews and it would have been an excuse to get more familiar with Python. But… many of our open source apps currently in use are of the LAMP model. So in trying to keep things grouped together where the expertise is, I chose MediaWiki for our documentation Wiki.

Currently I try to update a little bit in the Wiki three times a week. I have also been using it as a scratch pad of sorts while troubleshooting various issues. Sometimes having those notes from troubleshooting prove quite worthwhile.

Andy’s wildflower habitat

Take a look at some of the habitats in Ontario, photographed and described on Andy’s Northern Ontario Wildflowers.

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