Currently reading: Parasite Rex by Carl Zimmer

cover-Zimmer-ParasiteRex-smCarl Zimmer’s book explains that parasites are inescapable, numerous, and highly successful. One of his points is that we don’t understand an ecology unless we understand the role that parasites play.

Evolutionary pressure from parasites is probably the main reason why we need sex to keep shuffling our gene combinations in an arms race of micropredation vs. resistance.

Gas prices

…on the monorail line:

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Conservative Canada speaks up against preventing HIV

Way to go, Conservatives. You’ve shown once again that stellar lack of compassion that characterizes the “Christian right wing” party in power. Canada’s Health Minister, Tony Clemente, denied his surname “merciful” and came down on the side of punishing HIV victims‘ families and associates. He doesn’t like safe injection sites because they condone drug use. No matter that the World Health Organization has shown that they save lives. They don’t sound the proper moral note: that trumps actually saving lives in the twisted logic of a Conservative mind.

Wikis for Supporting Distributed Collaborative Writing

Tech Republic has an article: “Wikis for Supporting Distributed Collaborative Writing.”

Wikis allow distributed teams to collaboratively write and edit documents through the Internet in a shared online workspace, without the need for special HTML knowledge or tools. The flexibility of wiki technology is a boon for increased cooperative work on large team projects. However, wiki technology also complicates notions of usable design as the information architecture of a wiki site may be created on the fly by all participants rather than by a dedicated technical communicator. This paper describes the basic technology of wikis, some advantages and disadvantages, and areas of concern with regard to information design.

This article is originally from the STC. Viewing it on TechRepublic requires login. Or you can read it here, on the STC.

What’s in Dr. Horrible’s library?

Members of LibraryThing have catalogued Dr. Horrible’s library shelves in an example of crowdsourcing.

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