It’s that time of year again. The anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with their horrific toll of civilian deaths, devastating burns, and lingering radiation sickness, are upon us again.

A burned victim of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima

A burned victim of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima

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13 Responses to “Hiroshima”

  1. SHELYNA Says:


  2. Domarecka Says:

    oh God, why did it happened… “war. war never changes”. :/

  3. Monado Says:

    You’re mixing up the army and civilians. It was no more justified than… well, bombing a city full of civilians because their country’s army invaded another country. It might be effective, but you are not hitting the ones responsible.

    • parkbae Says:

      No, Monado!! The civilians were involved! No king or emperor or government could do carry out such horrific acts of evil without the permission of the people.

      Don’t tell me that the people had no choice. The citizens of a country ALWAYS have a choice. Many people spoke out in Europe against the crimes being committed. Many resisted; many were tortured and died unspeakable deaths. But many triumphed, too. Resistance groups cropped up all over.

      No, the citizenry of the Empire of Japan ARE guilty. They were not a passive audience watching a show. Had the Allied forces invaded Japan, far worse would have occurred due to the pent up anger the forces would have had b/c of the horrendous treatment of their comrades.

      I do not condone war; but I do not dismiss silent participation.

      • Selena Says:

        You are so naive

      • angel8mo Says:

        You do realize that most of the people in these cities were the children and women while anyone able to fight was not really all there we blew up and put these (mostly) women and kids through hell because they blew up a naval base of ours tell me how that is justified!!

  4. Psst Says:

    No one, absolutely ‘no one’ deserves this…
    yes, japan was cruel back then, but as long as their human they must have felt guilty.. people shouldn’t play with these things… we’re only harming ourselfs..

  5. Marshall Says:

    Japan attacked a military installation; Pearl Harbor and killed 2000 people.
    The USA, in all their infinite god-like wisdom decides not to attack their target, but to nuke two CIVILIAN cities: Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with a cumulative death toll after 1 year of over 220,000 innocent Japanese citizens. Its no wonder everyone wants to go to war with the USA, their ego is so big they think they own the world. Congratulations on the largest mass-murder of civilians in the history of our planet.

  6. The voice of reason Says:

    isten I may not have any relatives from either of these countries. But I have seen the story on both sides and in the beginning it was america stealing oil from japan then pearl harbour then the bombing so it was america that started this. But it was Japan that carried it out with pearl harbour. But morally the japanese knew it was wrong, I bet you americans think it was wrong to and you have the right to believe that, on a sunday, mass murders on a holiday destination. The japanese should have expected the americans to retaliate but whats done is done.

  7. Jason Seiler Says:

    Wow, you people condemning America for bombing Japan have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you not know anything about history? Bombing Japan saved millions of American lives as well as millions of Japanese lives. To say that America started this and excusing Japan for bombing Pearl Harbor is sick and far from the truth. America at the time did not want to be in the war, but was forced into it after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. America was unprepared and didn’t have much of an army. Their weapons weren’t even up to date . . . . Basically, America was the underdog. The Japanese were insane and savage warriors . . . . . No need to go on and on, why don’t you read a few history books . . . War is sad and horrific, but the Japanese had to be stopped. No question.

    • angel8mo Says:

      wow man I completely disagree and yes i do read history but you have to look at it from both sides and we knew we were going to get pulled into that war it was just a matter of time and why on earth after japan bombs our NAVAL base would we decide to bomb2 cities that we had full knowledge would have little to no Japanese militia you cannot tell me that that is not morally wrong and not to mention the fact that we had decoded some of their telegraphs that gave a little of their plan away…….all of it is morally wrong on every part I just think there are better ways to retaliate against a nation than bombing cities with almost ALL women and children who in japan at that time really did have absolutely no say in any of it!!

  8. Love_My_Country Says:

    I just came across this as I was teaching my son about the wrongs and horrors of War. However, so many of you bleeding hearts make me sick and I’m just SO thankful you’re not in charge. We were attacked, for starters, completely unprovoked. They even made the comment afterwards that “I believe we have awoke a sleeping giant..”. I haven’t heard mention of all of the AMERICANS that are still buried in a metal coffin (The J.F.K) at the bottom of the ocean in Pearl Harbor. The family members have to pay their respects to them there. Why? Because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time! War is Hell. We also have made reparations to Japan over and beyond that which they would have ever done for us. So before you America-Bashers continue with your drivel, let your ‘Bleeding Hearts bleed for America for once.We’re not the ‘Bad Guy’ everyone says we are. You never hear anyone BUT Americans talking about how wrong it was that those things happened.(Clarification: I haven’t read or heard anyone saying ‘those poor American Marines and Sailors…’). War is wrong. War is Hell.

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