Mormons and morals

I realize that all Mormons aren’t responsible for the pronouncements of their loonier leaders, but you’ve got to wonder… what are they thinking? CJ comments:

I think the Mormons might win the prize for religious hypocrisy. The people that barely gave up polygamy not so long ago because of U.S. laws is waging a fierce campaign to get its members in California to vote for marriage to be “defined” as between one man and one woman only. Wow. Their anti-gay feelings run so deep they are willing to look like total nose-less fools. They righteously call it a “moral issue” with a straight face (haha no pun intended)! Even the most fiercest of anti-gay activists took a doubletake (what the f…?) and you could hear the media-version of crickets for a day or so.

Remember that they still haven’t repudiated the theological basis of polygyny.

Wikis for internal documentation

Jeremy Wallace at Idealware knows of one good use for wikis—for a company’s internal documentation. Wikis are useful to document information that a lot of people need and that, in paper form, goes out of date. A wiki has the advantage that anyone who notices wrong information can change it. The human resources department, the person who tried to call the old title holder and tracked down the new one, or the new incumbent can all take a moment to update contact information. It can even hold temporary information: “Maria’s on vacation til the end of August — call Krishna.” But it still tracks who made the change, so on an internal company site or “intranet” it’s unlikely to be vandalized.

Read “Using wikis for internal documentation.”

Wikis have a number of advantages. Because they are flexible and easy to edit, you can create information in the format that is most likely to be used and updated. And as with any online application, your staff can access them from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Though you will probably want to keep your employee manual—and anything else that lays down official organizational rules—in a form that is not so easy to update, a wiki can be a great help in creating and maintaining less sensitive information. In this article, I’ll take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of wikis for documentation, and some of the things to consider as you look for one that can help your organization.

Quarkscrew: “Struck by lightning”

I had a scary near miss a couple of months ago. Clouds were gathering and thunder was grumbling a couple of miles away. Suddenly, sizzle-spit-CRACK! a bolt of lightning sounded right overhead. I don’t know how far away it was but it was too close, when I could hear it ionizing the air above me.

B. T. Murtagh at Quarkscrew has been struck four times by lightning and luckily, does not seem to have taken any permanent harm. He does say it hurts. He links to a video of a storm.


What would you do if the other you came back from another universe?

What would you do if the other you came back from another universe?

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