Ecological Society of America, 93rd annual meeting

The Ecological Society of America, or ESA, is holding its annual meeting from Sunday to Friday. The meeting theme is

Enhancing Ecological Thought by Linking Research and Education

Modern biology has become highly interdisciplinary, with new insights arising from consideration of connections within and between biotic systems at multiple scales. Ecologists regularly consider processes from the genomic level to those at planetary scales in order to elucidate interactions within natural systems. The educational challenges arising from the diverse scales and disciplines impinging on ecology provide a theme for this meeting. These challenges vary from those focused on public understanding of complex issues such as global-change, to one-on-one mentoring of students who may feel overwhelmed by the volume of material in even sub-fields of ecology.

How do we transmit our enhanced understanding while acknowledging the inherent complexities of the biota and associated limitations on our ability to provide precise predictions?…

WordPress: tags and categories

One Cool Site has blogging tips for WordPress. This article explains

  • assigning tags and categories :
    Assigning tags and categories to posts
    At we have the ability to assign tags and categories to our posts. Categories are typically used to broadly group posts whereas tags allow you to more finely classify your posts. As an example, if you were blogging about watercolor paintings, you might want to use a category such as Art or Painting and then use watercolor as a tag. In general though, when it comes to search engines, both tags and categories are treated equally – as keyword global tagging system also has something that they refer to as “global tags” which is a site-wide global tagging scheme started back in February of 2006 (tags came along in September 2007). For each tag or category created by a blogger, there is a corresponding WordPress global tag page. As an example, using the “art” tag, the page would be and will show all blog posts made on all blogs that have the “art” tag or category.
  • Don’t be a spam-dexer: Limit your posts to 12 tags. Make them relevant.
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