Open-source laptop-tracking software

Bruce Schneier looks at free, open-source, Adeona software that tracks stolen laptops.

Students build autonomous underwater robot

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Canadian students have built a submersible robot that operates underwater autonomously or under remote control.

The new design and contributions from over 40 corporate sponsors allowed the AUVic team — led by students Matt Burdyny, Dave Shea and Will Fraser — to win two top prizes at the Canadian Engineering Competition earlier this month: one for innovative design and the other for technical excellence.

The vehicle weighs only 20 kg – so it can be launched by a single person from a small boat, instead of a charter vessel with a crane. It has onboard intelligence and doesn’t need to wait for instructions. It can manipulate objects as well as manoeuver.

Schroedinger’s kitties

A fractal is self-similar but on a different scale:

humorous pictures
more cat pictures

Schrödinger’s LOLcats

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