Books: Teh Edj of Evilushun

Blake Stacey of Science After Sunclipse, has collected the links reviewing Michael Behe’s book, Teh Edj of Evilushun.

Teh Edj of Evilushun

Teh Edj of Evilushun

“Lonesome George” may be lonesome no more”

AFP/Getty Images

'Lonesome George' at the breeding centre Fausto Llerena on the Galapagos' Santa Cruz Island. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

A Galapagos tortoise of the Pinta subspecies may be a father after 36 years of refusing to mate with females of other subspecies. For 35 years he was the only known Pinta tortoise. In 2007, another male was found on a nearby island. Could it have been the whiff of competition? George was seen to b acting a little differently and then two weeks ago, one of the females was noticed digging. Nine eggs were found. Three have been transferred to an incubator. It will take four months for the eggs to hatch — if indeed they are fertilized at all. (Turtles sometimes lay unfertilized eggs.) George, at sixty to ninety years old, is still in his prime.

Schroedinger’s sample

Here’s another Schrödinger’s LOLcats:

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