Wacky religion wants its magic biscuit back

With credit to one of the commenters on the Pharyngula post: “It’s a frackin’ cracker!” Absconding with a magic biscuit is compared to a hate crime.

Seattle scene

Here’s what you might see in Seattle these days:

"Imagine no religion," how peaceful it would be

"Imagine no religion," how peaceful it would be

This image was stolen from Pharyngula: “Godless advertising.”

My books have arrived!

My latest batch of books has arrived, after Amazon promised to ship them August 11th. They are

Do you notice a trend there? I’m treating myself to some of the best science writing on the planet, that of Carl Zimmer.

The last book is fiction, an alternate history of the Napoleonic Wars in which dragons provide air support as a branch of the Navy. This is the fifth book of the series. Start with Temeraire.

Who says you never see a bat-cat?


more funny cat pictures

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