Topology maps for your Garmin GPS navigator

Harold Asmis at Ontario-geofish had discovered how to download free topo maps for the Garmin:

As I prepare for my tiny canoe trip, I found a way to get 1:50000 topo sheets on my Garmin 60cx! This is great! You can find the img maps on Mapcenter2, and you just download them on the Garmin, making that stupid file name change. And voila! Ready to canoe.

I discovered that you can switch to terrain maps in Google as well as plain maps or satellite images.

The Loom & Bad Astronomy move to Discover

Discover magazine has bagged two notable blogs: Science writer Carl Zimmer’s The Loom and astronomer & science writer Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy.

Carl started out at Discover and he’s back there with a monthly column. He’s an excellent writer: I just ordered three more of his books for myself. Visit him at The Loom.

I’m not as familiar with Phil Plait, but he’s a working astronomer & educator who has struck out on his own as
a science writer, and a darn good one. Visit him at Bad Astronomy.

Strange fish may belong to new family

An unusual fish from Indonesia. could be part of a new family. It’s an anglerfish but does not have a dangling lure. Instead, it has a flat face and keeps close to coral reefs, where it uses its stiffened pectoral fins to burrow into crevices, looking for something to eat. Only anglerfish, apparently, have crooked, leg-like pectoral fins. University of Washington Professor Ted Pietsch, a leading authority on anglerfish, has never seen anything like it. DNA analysis will be done on the fish to determine whether it constitutes a new family of bony fish.

a new kind of anglerfish

The fish was discovered in January, 2008.

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