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The murder of Larry Hooper

Someone was making a list of acts of religious violence against non-believers, and this is one such example. In 2005, in the U.S., Larry Hooper was murdered by his roommate for the thought-crime of being an atheist.

By Arlene-Marie
December 20, 2005
(Edited for punctuation and clarity.)

On October 18, 2004, Arthur Shelton, a self described Christian and Eagle Scout, murdered his friend and roommate, Larry Hooper, because Hooper didn’t believe in God.

On December 18, 2005, after many months of postponements, Arthur Shelton, with his defense attorney, Seymour Swartz, appeared at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit, Michigan, before Judge Gregory D. Bill to face charges of murder in the first degree brought by Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Christina Guiruis.

The trial began with the taped phone call Arthur Shelton placed to the Taylor police department in Taylor, Michigan, October 18, 2004, at precisely 12:44 AM. Shelton sounded calm and pridefull when he told the dispatcher he had just shot “the devil himself” with a revolver and a shotgun because “he (Hooper) didn’t believe in God.” Shelton told the dispatcher he was “still armed and ready to shoot again in case he moves. I want to make sure he’s gone.” When the dispatcher asked how many times he shot the victim Shelton replied, “hopefully enough.”

Throughout the 15 minute phone call Shelton often repeated, “I’m a Christian and an Eagle Scout and I wouldn’t lie,” and “don’t worry about me, I’m fine, but he’s the devil.” The dispatcher struggled to persuade Shelton to lay down his weapon and go outdoors with his arms raised. Shelton resisted, as he feared Hooper might not be “dead enough”, but eventually complied.

Ancient bushes

From Chris Clarke’s Creek Running North:

On the floors of Mojave Desert valleys grows the creosote bush – Larrea tridentata. The resinous denizen of the hot lands sends out new aerial stems from the base of the plant. Little by little the plant expands, gaining a bit less than a millimeter in width each year. In time the old branches in the plant’s center die out, crowded and pressed for nutrients. The plant becomes a ring. In the southern Mojave there are oblong rings of creosote. One near Johnson Valley is twenty feet across on the short axis, sixty-five on the long. Dividing the rate of growth into the size of the ring, ecologists figure that “King Clone” is on the order of eleven thousand years old. The seed from which it grew predated all of recorded human history. King Clone was already older than the oldest bristlecone pine when the first pyramids were built.

Maybe they grow more quickly elsewhere.

creosote bush

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