Marriage doesn’t solve everything

Gay couples are exploring marriage and finding out that it doesn’t solve all their problems, it has different significance for different people, and you still argue. From The New York Times. Some have divorced. Some are happier and feel legitimate for the first time. Others don’t feel different. The legal recognition as next of kin is especially valuable.

Identifying Ontario sport fish

I guess that leaves out native minnows. Everything else seems to be, er, game. See “Fish Identification & Urban Fishing Opportunities” (PDF). Unfortunately, this field guide does not include species names.

fish identifying information

Go here to find links to other interesting publications, such as lists of lakes and their fish.


It is the contention of LotStreetWiz that the purpose of proselytizing is to cement group closeness because the members of the group are getting rejected by almost everyone outside their group.


more cat pictures

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