Greater Philadelphia Coalition of Reason


There’s relief for the unending barrage of religiosity that’s become the norm in the U.S. public sphere. The Greater Philadelphia Coalition of Reason is reaching out to put atheists and agnostics in touch with one another.

They even have a billboard along highway I-95.

The Philadelphia Inquirer says,

Think of it as a sign of the times.

Mounted by a consortium of local atheists, it is an invitation to the area’s atheists, agnostics, skeptics, rationalists and religious freethinkers (no one label fits them all) to overcome their differences and form a coalition.

“Hundreds of thousands of your neighbors in the Delaware Valley feel the same as you do,” according to the Web site, to which the billboard directs passing motorists.

“Our mission is not to convince fundamentalists to change their position,” Steve Rade, a Huntingdon Valley businessman, said last week. He donated the $22,500 needed to mount the billboard, which appeared May 1 and is to remain until the end of August.

“What we want to do is give people questioning their beliefs a place to go for more information and to meet like-minded people.”

billboard for atheists


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