St. Matthew’s Church scam brings in millions

Blogger Tiny Frog gets begging letters from St. Matthew’s Church asking for money and referring to the contribution as a “prosperity seed.” They send a paper “Jesus handkerchief” and ask you to return it with money. Apparently these little tricks bring in about $6 million dollars a month. I wonder what they do with it all?

paper rug from prayer scam begging letter

5 Responses to “St. Matthew’s Church scam brings in millions”

  1. Paula Says:


    To be honest I am just confused. I have giving offerings to St. Matthews Churches often, but begin getting frustrated recently because the letters were beginning to arrive more often with large writing and less content and requesting specific sums of money plus. I think on occasion correspondence should be free, and offerings should be non-specific. The confusion comes in because usually during particular hardships these letters have made reference to my situation, and often times after offerings given I usually affirm some sort of new assets be it a check, job, or relationship. Call it fate or natural law, but it appears that GOD is watching and he understands your faith. Tithe unto him and let him handle thieves, it’s not your role; face it.

  2. monado Says:

    Scam artists and fortune tellers are good at saying things that apply to many people – “You’re having trouble paying your bills”–well, who doesn’t? “You’re more sensitive than people realize” — everybody feels that way. It’s a money-making scam that has been going on for years. But they bought a church only in 2004 so they could claim tax-exempt status as a church. It’s a mail scam. You are giving something real, your money, and they are sending you nice words. Read the Wikipedia article or even this report.

  3. Tor Hershman Says:

    What they do with it is…..horde more than they can spend till they cease to exist, waste is their place.

    Hey, here’s a wee doc. you may dig

    Stay on groovin’ safari,

  4. Jackson Tyler Jones Says:

    These people will all be held accountable and according to my Bible, the Holy Bible, they will all burn in hell!!!!! This freaking rug has njt been to anyone elses house. I will be praying for St. Matthews Church and their “followers” Jesus Christ is not a scam, and those using His name for one will be held accountable.

  5. monado Says:

    From the point of view of an outside observer, all religions are exchanging magic words for money, power, and moral authority.

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