Hockey player Luc Bourdon killed on new motorcycle

Luc Bourdon, Vancouver Canucks

A young hockey player in the NHL has died two days after getting a new motorcycle. He had earned his learner’s permit only six weeks ago. Then he went out and bought a powerful motorcycle.

Motorcycles are tricky to license. Without a sidecar, you can’t really ride with someone else and watch how they do it and you can’t have an instructor watching you. If you follow the rules, you can’t ride on the roads, which means you can’t get much practice before your first driving test. If you stay cautious, a motorcycle licence gives you a chance to stay alive until you really learn how to ride. A low-powered motorcycle is better to start with because it won’t run away with you.

There are some dangers that don’t go away with experience. The commonest motorcycle accident is for a rider with the right of way going straight to be struck by a car driver making a turn. Sadly, car drives look for cars, not vehicles.

His friend and fellow player has changed his mind about getting a motorcycle.

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