Sexpelled the movieMichael Shermer reports on a new Discovery Institute film, Sexpelled! No intercourse allowed.

The new film bravely exposes the Big Sex suppression of the Stork Theory and calls for equal time for the competing theories. [Author’s note: The theory below sounds nutty to people who know anything about sex and reproduction. But keep in mind, these arguments are modelled after Intelligent design arguments against evolution. If you know anything about evolution, the arguments against it sound even sillier.]

There’s even a Facebook group in support of Sexpelled!

Proof of the Stork Theory: why Sex Theory is clearly wrong:

  • Sex Theory is just a THEORY! No one has actually observed a baby appearing during sex!
  • The stork is NOT just a theory! We know that it exists!
  • It is highly improbable that a baby can be created from the random collision between a sperm and an egg cell. In fact, Bill Dembski has proved that it’s mathematically impossible.
  • Do you really want to believe that you are the result of dumb, blind chance, rather than a loving and nurturing stork?
  • I have never observed a so-called sperm cell or egg cell. Have you?
  • It’s an insult to my value as a human being to think that I am a random accident, caused by nasty things people only do in their bedrooms.
  • Sex violates the second law of thermodynamics. There is no way a perfect baby can be made from a random, gooey mess.
  • Where are all the transitional forms? If it is true that sperm cells turn into babies, we should see stuff like sperm with arms and legs or babies with a large tail to swim around.
  • How was the first sperm created? Sex Theory proponents can’t answer this question, which is but one of many holes in their Sex Theory religion.

And if Sex Theory is wrong, clearly Stork Theory must be right!

Picture of an Intelligent Design theorist:


more funny pictures

For more information, visit Expelled!


One Response to “Sexpelled!”

  1. achadden Says:

    I have been awaken! So Mary (Jesus’ mom) had a stork baby, Jesus wasn’t placed there by God. So Jesus is not God or the son of God, he just happens to be a stork baby!

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