STC Toronto: The Power of Podcasts, May 13

Aaron Davis, Scott Nesbitt, podcast expertsPodcasts are seen as a platform for reviews, opinions, and polemic. But they can do much more. This presentation helps you discover how valuable podcasts can be.

Podcasts are the next step beyond blogging. But they are also a powerful platform for training and user assistance. They are useful whether you’re a technical writer explaining how an application works or a marketer expounding on product benefits.

Aaron Davis and Scott Nesbitt will examine how you can tap into the power of podcasts. First, they’ll explain what podcasts are and how to create one.

You’ll learn how podcasts

  • Can help maintain an ongoing dialogue about a domain or topic
  • Are a great way to disseminate new developments
  • Serve the users’s convenience by being available anytime, and anywhere
  • ake supplementary material more interesting

Aaron and Scott will

  • Outline the mechanics of podcasting
  • Point out some of the popular training and educational podcasts on the Web
  • Analyze why these podcasts are successful
  • Tell how you can use the same techniques with your audio materials

About the presenters: Aaron Davis and Scott Nesbitt are partners in DMN Communications, a technical communications consultancy in Toronto. Since 2006, their podcast, Communications from DMN, has been entertaining, informing, and occasionally annoying a diverse global audience.

The meeting will be held in the Burgundy Room at the North York Memorial Hall, 5110 Yonge Street, concourse level, at 7:00 p.m. General Admission is $5; STC Members attend for free.
For directions, visit STC Toronto and click on “Meetings.”

map of STC Toronto meeting location

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