Deep Sea News: colossal squid vs. giant squid

colossal squid, top view, being held by five men

Craig at Deep Sea News talks about the two squid being dissected in New Zealand.:

To bring you up to speed, a crack team of teuthologists* dissected both Giant and Colossal Squids at the Te Papa Museum in New Zealand last week. This is where the confusion arises as a Giant Squid AND 2 Colossal Squid were dissected. One of these was the 495kg giant caught over a year ago by fisherman in the Antarctic (oh yeah…she’s a girl!). Seeing the media consistently confuse the two species greatly saddens me. But hey if the media always got it right there would be little need for DSN.

So for clarity the Giant Squid and the Colossal Squid are completely different. Below I provide a list that you can print out and keep in your wallet or purse along with your Seafood Watch card….

Read more.

The colossal squid is Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni and the giant squid is Architeuthis.

9 Responses to “Deep Sea News: colossal squid vs. giant squid”

  1. student Says:

    what is really sad is that scientists feel the need to completely rape and kill every thing they do not understand, and claim its for science. how would these little fuckers feel if I murdered their children and said it was all for research, would these bastards understand?

  2. monado Says:

    A giant squid caught by fishermen is already doomed. In fact, a giant squid on the surface is probably dying: they are deep-sea animals. Scientists aren’t Victorians, trying to collect as many specimens as possible and believing that the supply will last forever. They want to find out about the animals by using as few as possible. Part of their motivation is to make sure we don’t destroy their environment or kill off their populations.

  3. Rob of England Says:

    i’ve heard of giant squids
    but a colossal squid
    c,mon next you’ll be saying there is a japanese spider crab that grows to about 12 feet wide

  4. a spectator Says:

    whats the difference between giant squid and colossal squid?
    which one has the barbs and hooks on their tentacles.

  5. monado Says:

    That’s a colossal squid, which is much more massive. The giant squid has long, thin tentacles.

  6. happytippy Says:

    Hey, this is cool. Thanks! Seafood Watch…Woot!

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