Tornado strikes U.S.S. Normandy

Commenter Jack C. provided two images of a tornado vs. the U.S.S. Normandy. One was taken by a bystander on the docks, showing the tornado directly over the ship. Another was taken from the ship, showing the tornado receding approaching. These pictures were taken on April 28. No one on board was injured.

Left: tornado striking ship; right: tornado approaching

Right: tornado approaching

Jack reports that his son is OK:

Yes he is, thanks – as is everyone else, though I think he needed to change the uniform shortly after. He grabbed his camera and took the second shot when the beastie was out in the harbor. Not sure who took the one from pierside, but the person behind the camera had a set for certain.

Last I had heard, no injuries from the crew and families and only three could not get info on their property due to areas being closed.

CF@44: it shakes a bit from what I am told. The son grabbed a handfull of hatch, slammed and dogged it and said the ship suddenly shook like nothing he had felt. Apparently, a few minor things were ripped off – a painting barge ended up adrift – and a VERY large trash compactor on the pier got repositioned. I understand the duty section performed admirably.

I have never seen one of these – and he gets to ride one. Nothing exciting ever happens when I am around.

The U.S.S. Normandy is a Ticonderoga-class Guided Missle Cruiser with its own Web site.

USS Normandy

2 Responses to “Tornado strikes U.S.S. Normandy”

  1. Chris Says:

    Actually, the picture on the right was taken from a sailor onboard Normandy as the tornadoe approached us on Pier 2 from the north west. The duty section had approximately 1 minute to prepare in which time sailors just closed hatches and rode it out. The 2nd picture was taken from another pier as the tornadoe crossed directly over the Normandy and into the parking lot. Several cars were damaged into the thousand’s of dollars and the trash compactor was moved. The tornadoe then headed due west towards the Norfolk International Terminals but lifted back into the sky just as quick as it came down. Get facts straight.

  2. monado Says:

    Thanks for the correction!

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