Lion cub recaptured in Quebec

lion cub, 6 months old, back in captivityOh, to be a fly on the wall for these discussions. It seems that Dennis Day of Cobden, Ontario, who has two small children, acquired a lion cub as well. When it was six months old, he got word that the Children’s Aid was concerned about the safety of his children and was thinking of taking them away. So he gave the lion cub to a friend on an Indian reserve  near Maniwaki, Quebec, for safe-keeping. Then he could tell Children’s Aid that the lion was gone. But the person he gave it to didn’t keep the animal secure and it wandered off. It was seen crouching in a ditch by the highway. Police put a rope around its neck and encouraged it to climb into the back seat of a police cruiser. The young lion spent the night in a jail cell. It will be sent to Granby Zoo.

What were people thinking? The ones who got the cub in the first place (and no one knows whence) thought it would be just fine to raise a lion in the house. The people on the reserve seem to have thought they could just let the cat out? And the police: “Here, kitty, kitty?”


3 Responses to “Lion cub recaptured in Quebec”

  1. mikaela Says:

    Do you really frigen think that,that lion is or was going to hurt someone..That lion cub would have never hurt someone i know because that lion was the bestest friend i could never see that cub well he not a cub anymore but i couldn’t see him hurting someone

  2. monado Says:

    I’d rather have a cat that couldn’t kill someone in a moment of carelessness, thanks!

  3. Mark Says:

    Hey Mikaela,
    did/do you know the owner of the cub? Did you know the cub personally? I’m just curious , I personally dont think that cub would have hurt anyone.. :)

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