Yoko Ono sues Expelled producers

Yoko Ono as Kali trampling Ben SteinWell, it’s finally happened.

John Lennon’s sons and widow, Yoko Ono, are suing the filmmakers of “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” for using the song “Imagine” in the documentary without permission…

Ono, her son Sean Ono Lennon, and Julian Lennon, John Lennon’s son from his first marriage, along with privately held publisher EMI Blackwood Music Inc filed suit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan seeking to bar the filmmakers and their distributors from continuing to use “Imagine” in the movie…

The suit is against the film’s producers and distributors: Premise Media Corporation, C&S Production LP and Rocky Mountain Pictures….

The producers cited the fair use doctrine, which allows the use of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary and criticism.

“We are disappointed therefore that Yoko Ono and others have decided to challenge our free speech right to comment on the song ‘Imagine’ in our documentary film,” they said in a statement.

(Reporting by Leslie Gevirtz)

The image is from Exploring Our Matrix.

Revelstoke, BC

This is beautiful Revelstoke last Friday, a rainy day.

mountain looms over Revelstoke, British Columbia, on a rainy day

It’s quite dramatic.

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Rebel against textbook costs

Here’s a New York Times article about the high cost of textbooks. Like car dealers loading their merchandise with unwanted extras such as pinstriping or restaurants piling more mashed potatoes on every plate, textbook publishers add CDs or new revisions to create costlier goods with planned obsolescence.


Schools are beginning to balk at outrageous pricing. Rice University offers textbooks for some classes free online and charges a nominal fee for the printed version. A new company called Flat World Knowledge, based in Nyack, N.Y., plans to offer online textbooks free and hopes to make its profit by selling supplemental materials like study guides and hard copies printed on demand.

A study being carried out by the geographer Ronald Dorn at Arizona State University suggests that students who use free online textbooks perform as well academically as students who buy expensive copies from traditional publishers. Colleges and universities should take advantage of these new developments.


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