book: “Why Darwin Matters” by Michael Shermer

book, Why Darwin Matters, by Michael ShermerI’ve just finished reading Michael Shermer’s book “Why Darwin Matters.” He addresses many of the points about the veracity of evolution that people brought up as Christians are often confused about. He is a former evangelical Christian but he is not bitter. He doesn’t assume belief makes you stupid or that if you’re smart you’ll give up religion. In short, he makes a nice change from Richard Dawkins.

Shermer supplies lots of information abut Darwin and how the theory of evolution has developed since 1859. He has an excellent bibliography at the end of the book.

Violent protests against equal property rights for women

ImagineIsn’t Pakistan a signer of the U.N. Human Rights code?

Blog The Harm notices that proposed legislation to remove some of the disadvantages of being born female caused violent demonstrations in Bangladesh. Read “Violent protests.”
Apparently equal rights for women is against the Muslim religion.

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