I’m in BC!

small map of British Columbia showing Kootenay RegionBritish Columbia, that is. Tucked into the Kootenay region of the Rocky Mountains (the southeast corner). To get here, I landed in Kelowna and drove northeast. Kelowna is in the warm Okenagan region: it’s spring in an apple-growing region surrounded by low, rolling mountains. The rocks seem to be shales and something else soft, dusty, and light brown. I saw one prairie dog(?) and one deer near the road. As I drove, it got cloudier and cooler; the mountains got taller, and snow appeared. Eventually I was back in late winter. The mountains were steep, dark, and majestic. There were silver threads of steep mountain streams, then avalanche tracks and landslide scars and even a glacier or two. The black-and-white waterfowl that have left the south are here, along with ravens. I wish I knew the names of the mountains.

Here’s one, Mount Begbie, named after “the hanging judge”:

Mount Begbie

 I’ve found a landscape scan from the Canadian government:


Base Map of British Columbia, Canada


Mock Ness monster is here

Thanks to a comment in Pharyngula, I found a very amusing T-shirt: the Loch Ness Imposter, and ordered one online. Tuesday, it arrived from Threadless. Actually, two arrived: one for me and one for Andie. We’ll be contra-dancing and biking in our matching tees!

Loch Ness Imposter shirt

Speaking of zooming…

I’m flying to Revelstoke, B.C., today. Strictly speaking, I’m flying to Kelowna and driving to Revelstoke (245 km).  So I’ll be away from my computer. I’ve set up about one article a day to appear here but I won’t be my usual prolific self unelss I glue myself to the computer. That’s unlikely, since I’ll be in the Rocky Mountains, on the Columbia River, and carousing with my cousins. So posess your souls in patience; I’ll be back Monday if all goes well.

San Francisco reservoir gets a seismic upgrade

San Francisco’s Sunset Reservoir gets a seismic retrofit to make it resist earthquakes up to magnitude 7.9. (Hat tip to Ontario Geofish)

Sunset Reservoir, San Francisco
(Image by Brant Ward for the San Francisco Chronicle)

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