Imagine plagiarizing a song of John Lennon’s

Expelled exposedThey don’t like it.The latest gaffe in Expelled is the use of a famous song written and recorded by John Lennon shortly before his death. (See “Yoko-O-noz!” at Upright Alice.) The line, “Imagine no religion,” is played over scenes of marching soldiers, presumably to imply the false corollary that lack of religion would cause more war. (Tell that to the Crusaders, Hitler, or the Serbians.)

birthday cake

But back to copyright: think of old movies. You might recall that, when there’s a birthday party on screen, they always cut in at the end of the traditional song. The most they give it is two words, “…to you!” or sometimes just the last note.

That is because the tune, “Good Morning to You,” was written by a couple of schoolteachers and they held the copyright. If the producers of those movies had used any more of the song, they would have had to pay royalties—and, being cheap bastards, they didn’t want to.

I believe the 50 years since death of a composer has now passed, so you’ll be hearing more of the song from now on.

Compare that standard practice, for a song that could arguably be called a traditional part of popular culture, with way that the producers of Expelled used “Imagine” with its lyrics, instrumentation, and all. Any copyright lawyer worth his salt would tell them they way over the line into forbidden territory.

More and more, the producers of Expelled and their advisers seem like spoiled children who think they can just grab whatever they want just because they want it.

Aetiology: Inflammatory bowel diseases

Tara Smith at Aetiology has an interesting post on the inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and their relationship to milk. It’s a guest post by Ousmane Diallo about his experiences in Senegal.

  • Anlysis of several studies shows that breast-feeding is probably protective against Crohn’s disease.
  • Crohn’s is also associated with bacteria of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP)

“Distressingly normal corals”

Highly Allochthonous has an article, “Distressingly normal corals found in nuclear basins.” They’re talking about the hardier corals re-populating the atoll at Bikini.

lagoon corals at Bikini, former nuclear test site

How to approach Organic Chemistry

homebrew and chemistry, beer and science blog

Eric W. over at Homebrew and Chemistry, talks about textbooks and his approach to teaching Organic Chemistry:

  1. Review bonding, orbitals, and hybridization
  2. Teach functional groups and nomenclature of almost EVERYTHING.
  3. Teach physical properties of almost EVERYTHING.

The reason is that Organic is like going to a different country. If you can’t speak the language, you can’t communicate…

After learning the basic language, we can talk about mechanism.

Sounds good to me!

Dembski and Expelled plagiarism: timeline

HIV researcher Abbie Smith at science blog ERV has the timeline of the machinations, false starts, and substitutions surrounding the use, copying, and replacement of Harvard’s and XVIVO’s biochemistry animation, “The Inner Life of a Cell” by the Discovery Institute in Bill Dembski’s lectures and in the propaganda movie Expelled. It started in early 2007 and is still going on.

Here’s some more evidence: the Expelled video is showing a blended copy of two science videos.

And don’t forget the Expelled Paternity Test!

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