Official Expelled paternity test

The blog Darwin Central has an Expelled movie paternity test. Among several animations of the same subject matter, see if you can find the one that Expelled plagiarizes. It’s easy and takes only a minute.

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Recover DVD video using Gnu and Linux tools

Rip’s Random Notes gives you the tools and commands for recovering a video that has been recorded but hasn’t finished saving properly. It can happen if a recording device has a bug.

Rip Linton says,

This procedure uses Gnu/Linux programs that must be run from a command line. While the commands used are not difficult, you should feel comfortable in a command console if you are going to try this. I have not attempted to do this type of recovery in any other operating system, such as Microsoft Windows. It may be something that can be done easily in other operating systems or with other Gnu/Linux tools…. This is not a procedure to copy data from commercial DVDs that use CSS or other content protection systems.

(Hat tip to Greg Laden)

Anime cat

Need bigger eyes…

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This date in history

  • 1947. Jackie Robinson, the first African American to break the baseball color bar, played his first game in Major League Baseball. Robinson’s courage and dignity in the face of unrelenting hostility are legendary.
  • 1923. The drug insulin, discovered by Dr Frederick Banting, is first made available to the public. Insulin is the only means to hold diabetes at bay. The only other strategy to prolong life is starvation, which can stave off death for up to two years. By contrast, insulin allows diabetics to lead a normal life. Banting and his colleagues donated insulin for the public good.
  • 1912. The world’s first ‘unsinkable’ ship, the passenger liner R.M.S. Titanic, strikes an iceberg in the North Sea on her maiden voyage and sinks within 3 hours. At least 1,500 passengers and crew are killed. There are 732 survivors.
  • 1800. James Ross discovers (reaches) the North Magnetic Pole. I’d guess that the Ross Strait is named after him.

Dr. Frederick Banting:

Frederick Banting, discoverer of insulin

No fish by 2050?

The world’s fisheries may be practically gone by 2050, according to biological research calculations.

Says lead author Boris Worm, “Whether we looked at tide pools or studies over the entire world’s ocean, we saw the same picture emerging. In losing species we lose the productivity and stability of entire ecosystems.” This sad picture emerged over four years of analyzing 32 controlled experiments, observational studies from 48 marine protected areas, and global catch data from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) database from 1950 to 2003. The scientists also looked at a 1000-year time series for 12 coastal regions, drawing on data from archives, fishery records, sediment cores and archeological data.

Here’s the mathematical projection:

trends in fish populations at 2006

We’re still taking 235,000 tons fish per day from the sea.

Go to Blog of Science to read about the research and its implications. It’s still reversible.

How evolution really works!

how evolution works by WullfmorgenthalerWullfmorgenthaler has the inside secret: click on the link for the whole picture of “How evolution works in reality.”

(Hat tip to Pharyngula)

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