Dembski shoots Expelled in foot

Expelled exposedDiscovery Institute fellow Jonathan Wells asserted that the cell animation video in the ID propaganda movie Expelled, copied from Harvard University and XVIVO, was not plagiarized because the producers re-mastered it.

Now Bill Dembski pipes up and says that they planned to plagiarize the video but made it just different enough so it will pass a legal challenge. And if not, they have money for lawsuits… so which is it? And why is Dembski admitting that they substantially copied the video?

As usual, ERV has the story.


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Jonathan Wells doesn’t help at all

ERV points out that Jonathan Wells’ comments on Expelled’s plagiarism of computer-generated video animation indicate that the Discovery Institute was involved. They also tend to confirm that the plagiarism was planned and deliberate. Or perhaps he doesn’t realize that if it’s illegal to copy, it’s illegal to reverse-engineer from a finished intellectual product to create an apparently new one, without doing the intellectual work of creation.

Wells said…

Expelled exposed“Expelled does NOT use the Harvard animation. The producers paid a professional to create a new animation that is more accurate than the Harvard one (based on current knowledge of cellular processes). Any similarities between the Expelled animation and the Harvard one are due to the fact that both animations depict many of the same processes.”

‘A professional.’ Now, it took a team of Harvard PIs/students and professional bioanimators 14 months to make ‘Inner Life’. Premise hired a dude (one dude) to make a nearly identical version in <3 months.

Follow the link to read the whole story.

Neat research

I found a page of neat research projects from UCLA. All of them involve computer science and many of them are about visualization, especially animation.

Here’s an example:

sketching software demo image

“Sketching Facial Expressions”, Gabriele Nataneli, Petros Faloutsos, ACM SIGGRAPH Sketch, 2007.
PDF | Demos

We present an innovative sketch-based interface for driving facial expressions. Unlike existing solutions our approach relies on recognition and constructs a semantically relevant representation of a sketched face. This representation is parameterized and used to drive a facial model. The main appeal of our method is that the interface is completely decoupled from the underlying facial model that is used. Therefore one single interface is capable of driving a variety of different models both 2D and 3D. The connection between our tool and the face model is defined by a library of template strokes that can be generated with ease.

Expelled: the copyright issue

Expelled exposedWesley R. Elsberry at The Austringer points out a delicious irony: the hypocritical dishonesty of the Expelled producers as it relates to copyright law could result in the exposure and collapse of the whole Discovery Institute house of cards.

It’s bad enough to for Kevin Miller and Mark Mathis lie and deceive to get interviews. It’s laughable to expell the people you interviewed and filmed from a movie decrying persecution. It’s ludicrous to pick on science blogger PZ Myers and miss major author Richard Dawkins. But to steal intellectual property from Harvard University and science-movie-makers XVIVO is going too far. It seems that religion excuses everything.

Read “Expelled: Plagiarism will do that for you.”

Why do busses come in threes?

For the same reason that water forms droplets on a thread, I guess: some zoom ahead, some slow down.

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