About that cell video in Expelled: people who have seen the movie identify it as an identical or close copy of Harvard’s original science animation, “The Inner Life of a Cell.” PZ Myers says,

I was wrong — it’s not the Harvard multimedia video. It’s an independently generated copy. I grabbed a few images from the DVD I got at my truncated visit to the Expelled screening, and here, for instance, is the segment that shows that striking kinesin motor protein towing a vesicle down a microtubule. This is the version in the Expelled movie:


Now here’s an equivalent frame from the actual Harvard video.


Now I’m embarrassed to have mistaken one for the other, since the Expelled version is of much lower resolution and quality. However, do notice that they both have roughly the same layout and the same elements in view; this is a remarkable, umm, coincidence, since these are highly edited, selected renderings, with many molecules omitted … and curiously, they’ve both left out the same things.

[Read more about that cell video in Expelled on Pharyngula.]



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