Geek humor: graphics

Fun with graphics:

Humorous Pictures
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5 Responses to “Geek humor: graphics”

  1. dzfg Says:

    what is that suposed to be?

  2. monado Says:

    Notice that the two cats have their tails curled in opposite directions so that they look like mirror images. Imagine that you are using graphics software. You trace the outline of the black cat and make a copy of your selected image and paste it beside the original. You flip the copy horizontally, so that left and right are reversed. You make the image 50% transparent, thus 50% opaque (light-proof). If you’ve ever played with printing in black and grey, you’ll know that 50% black is medium grey.

    So the picture is giving brief instructions for creating a new and different cat. LOL!

  3. Lexci Says:

    Love it. The photoshop nerd in me smiled right away

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