Expelled: coming soon to a church basement near you

In an attempt to find a friendly audience that won’t question their faulty logic, the makers of the low-budget propaganda film Expelled have been taking their act to a lot of churches, where they no doubt hope that preachers will exhort the congregation from the pulpit to attend. They’ve thrown in a few religious schools and student groups as well, and offering monetary prizes. That should pack the seats.

Expelled the movie - screenings at churches

Mock Ness monster

Today, thanks to a comment in Pharyngula, I found a very amusing T-shirt: the Loch Ness Imposter.

Loch Ness Imposter shirt

Intelligent Murderer Theory: the prequel

Blog reader Tom Morgan sent me this a while ago, and he’s given me leave to post it:

“Hi. I read an old blog post of yours (the Intelligent Murderer Theory), and I decided to do a quick prequel to describe an earlier trial. It was meant to be a fun little poke at how ID emerged as an attempt to repackage creationism, and follows the same format as your original story.”

Lawyer: “Your Honour, I object to this one-sided view of the evidence. I don’t believe that Mr. Smith did it and no one else should either. I have an alternative theory.”

Judge: “What is your alternate theory?”

Lawyer: “OJ Manson did it.”

Judge: “And who is this OJ Manson?”

Lawyer: “Well, he is kind of hard to describe, being as elusive as he is…”

Judge: “Well, tell me what you do know about him.”

Lawyer: “Ok. He is really, really, really great. He’s more silent than a ninja and more deadly than a rocket. He’s like…he’s like…like a rocket ninja.”

Judge: “A rocket ninja? Has anyone met this rocket ninja?”

Lawyer: “Yeah. The victim did!”

Judge: “Anyone else? Do you have any evidence that OJ Manson exists?”

Lawyer: “Yeah. You see the victim? He’s dead. How could a non-existent something kill someone?”

Prosecuting Attorney: “Your honor, I object on the grounds that this guy is an idiot. There is no evidence that OJ Manson exists and this is all pure speculation.”

Lawyer: “Oh yeah, prove he doesn’t exist. You can’t, because he’s invisible. He learned that in Area 51…”

Judge: “That will be enough out of you. Objection sustained. There will be no further talk about OJ Manson.”

Lawyer: “Ok. Well, I do have another theory.”

Judge: “Ok. This had better not be about OJ Manson”

Lawyer: “It isn’t.”

Judge: “Let’s hear it.”

Lawyer: “I believe that…someone else did it.”

Judge: “Someone else?”

Lawyer: “Yeah. Perhaps a ninja-esque person with rocket-like qualities”

Judge: “Like OJ Manson?”

Lawyer: “Oh, we can’t say that. That would be pure speculation… But, I do have a theory…”

The story continues with “New legal tactic: Intelligent Murderer Theory.”

Geek humor: italics

Italics on…

Humorous Pictures

see more crazy cat pics

…Italics off

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Google maps meteor craters

They seem to be missing the big one in Sudbury from 1.9 billion years ago… but this is a fun, quick way to look up meteor craters and asteroid impact sites.

meteor and asteroid impacts on earth

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