Cream of tiger soup

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…stir carefully!

10 Responses to “Cream of tiger soup”

  1. Mila Snow Says:


  2. bill mcdon Says:

    clean drinking water is Waaay over rated

  3. Bex Says:

    SHUT UP!!! ITS JUST A JOKE!!!!! GET OVER YOURSELF ‘BLACK’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Natalya Says:

      This might be a joke, but it’s not that funny.
      You might not care, but that doesn’t mean you can speak for everyone else.


      • carrot top Says:

        bex why dont you shut up, just bc you dont care about the tigers doesnt mean that other people cant so maybe you should keep you comments to yourself or wine to someone who actually wants to listen.

  4. nanosa Says:

    funny, but black is right
    people shouldnt kill tigers they are cut and awesome


  5. Bernice Says:

    I love tigers not in the afl
    I love them in the zoo ..tigers should not been kill at all big and small we love them
    if I had 1 wish i would save all the tigers

  6. monado Says:

    Actually, tigers like water and these are just cooling off.

  7. katie Says:

    i love tigers i was born in the year of the tiger

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