New holidays

Help me to develop new, nerdy, secular holidays that everyone can enjoy. I’d like to propose some new holidays, preferably one a month, but I haven’t come up with a complete list yet. Help me out!

Nerd Calendar:

  • Jan. 5, George W. Carver, 1843
  • Jan. 9? (Analemma Day) (earliest sunset of the year)
  • Feb. 8, Dmitri Mendeleev (1834)
  • Feb. 12, Charles Darwin’s Birthday
  • Feb. 19, Nicolaus Copernicus’ Birthday (1473)
  • Mar 14, Pi Day; also Albert Einstein’s Birthday (1879)
  • March 20, Expelled Irony Day (the day PZ Myers was spitefully expelled from the theatre while clueless creationists let in Richard Dawkins)
  • Mar 21/22, Spring Equinox
  • April 23, William Shakespeare’s Birthday (estimated) (1564); also Max Planck’s Birthday (1858)
  • June 21/22 Summer Solstice
  • July 10, Nikola Tesla’s Birthday (1856)
  • July 25    Rosalind Franklin, 1920
  • Aug. 30, Maurice Hilleman (1919)
  • Sept 21/22, Fall Equinox
  • Nov. 7, Marja (Marie) Sklodowska Curie
  • Nov. 30, John Napier’s Day (birthday unknown)
  • Dec. 21/22, Winter Solstice
  • Dec. 25, now Jan. 13, Isaac Newton (1642)
  • Dec. 27, Johannes Kepler’s Birthday (1571)

How about Sir Sanford Fleming Day? I’d like to remember the man who invented time zones. Gregor Mendel day? John Snow Day? Ramujan Day? The possibilities are endless.


One Response to “New holidays”

  1. The Flying Trilobite Says:

    This would be awesome. I think we’d need to add Carl Sagan’s age of the universe holidays in there, and it’d be a perfect secular year. December would still be filled with lots of holidays like it is now.

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