Expelled: FAIL!

This is hilarious. Science blogger PZ Myers tried to attend a screening of the anti-evolution movie Expelled, for which he was interviewed under false pretenses. Everyone had to show identification — to see a free movie screening! He was singled out and told that (a) he couldn’t attend and (b) he had to leave the premises immediately or be arrested (on what grounds, I wonder).

Of course, he left quietly. But he could hardly wait to tell the science community the rest of the story.

It’s particularly ironic that at a movie preview, people complaining that they can’t get their point out are keeping out people who might disagree with them. Maybe they’re afraid that PZ might mention that he was interviewed under false pretenses. And on their home page they criticize PZ for commenting on a movie that he hasn’t seen! And then, of course, there’s PZ’s guest for the evening… Richard Dawkins!

humor PZ Expelled

(The Expelled image is from Rants ‘n’ Raves.)

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