Two-faced baby excites religious fervor

A developmental defect has produced a baby with two faces. She is being hailed as a reincarnation of the god Ganesha. Somehow that doesn’t seem like an appropriate response. Is it better or worse than venerating a waffle or a water-stain?

baby with two faces

7 Responses to “Two-faced baby excites religious fervor”

  1. Richard Says:

    No better, no worse. Superstition is superstition, no matter the relic, image, or altar to “the unknown god”.

  2. Graham King Says:

    The thing is, how will the baby be treated?

    Will this superstition lead to support, care, respect and freedom to live life to the fullest possible?

    Or will it lead to burdensome expectations, manipulation, and an unnatural lifestyle being imposed in addition to the disfigurement?

    Will the baby be afforded access to such remedial surgery as may be medically possible and beneficial, or would that be seen as interfering presumptuously with some allegedly-divine ‘plan’?

  3. audrey Says:

    poor baby I hope she dosen’t get teased when she gets older. She proably won’t because she is worshiped now.

  4. God Says:

    wow that baby is the fucking god

  5. Heather Says:

    She is sooo adorable, I loved her the first time I saw her face. I hate that they are trying to say that she is some type of god because I am scared that she will grow up and not be happy including the fact that she wasn’t born like everyone else. She is a beautiful angel and she is one of Gods precious angels that we should all keep in our hearts and prayers because I know that she will be in mine. God Bless You Sweet Baby Girl :)

  6. Derek scott Says:

    Just realized how old this post is… sorry…is the baby still with us?

  7. monado Says:

    This baby died at age two months from a massive heart attack. She was not being properly fed, only sporadically and with inadequate food. The parents didn’t let medical personnel examine her to discover whether she needed treatment prior to her death.

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