Chris Clarke on wolf management

Science writer Chris Clarke at Creek Running North had something to say about public relations spin in his article, “Public Relations Professionals and Other Goddamned Liars.”

PR Assertion:

“The gray wolf population in the Northern Rocky Mountains is thriving and no longer requires the protection of the Endangered Species Act…. The wolf population in the Northern Rockies has far exceeded its recovery goal and continues to expand its size and range…. There are currently more than 1,500 wolves and at least 100 breeding pairs in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.”


  • “Wolves in central Idaho, northwestern Montana, and the Greater Yellowstone area remain largely disconnected from each other and wolves in Canada. The wolves of the Greater Yellowstone area… have remained genetically isolated since 31 wolves were introduced into Yellowstone National Park more than a decade ago.
  • …the region’s population of 1,500 wolves still falls short of the 2,000 to 5,000 wolves that independent scientists have determined to be necessary to secure the health of the species.
  • Wolves in the northern Rockies are endangered due to genetic isolation, lack of interchange between wolves in Yellowstone, central Idaho, and northwestern Montana, and an insufficient number of wolves.
  • Delisting would further endanger wolves because of increased wolf killing, reduced wolf numbers, and less genetic exchange between wolf populations.”

Greg asks everyone to fight the de-listing of wolves from federal protection.

wolf walking

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