Indian tiger population continues to drop

I’m tempted to say, “…like a falling cat.” But that would be just gallows humor.

Bengal Tiger in Rhanthambhore National Park, taken by J. Scott Applewhite

The Guardian has the article:

  • In five years, the tiger population has fallen to 1,400, less than half the previous estimate.
  • Poachers have wiped out the tigers in some reserves.
  • Other reserves suffer from habitat destruction as villages crowd forests.
  • Experts say that not enough is being done to fight poachers.
  • Laws against selling tiges’ body parts are being openly flouted.
  • In a few years it will be too late.

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One Response to “Indian tiger population continues to drop”

  1. Venkatesh Varalu Says:

    Its nice that you have made a post on this. I am making a post on this too and asking others to do so and spread the word and save the remaining tigers.

    Here is the post in my blog.

    Spread the word and ask more people to blog about it and lets do the difference.


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