Under the Museum…

Roy Campbell, Directory of Exhibits, NC Museum of Life Sciences

Roy Campbell, Director of Exhibits, gave a tour of the North Carolina Museum of Life Sciences to a group of science-bloggers. Above, he’s telling us about the arthropod festival before an impressive model of one of the larger arthropods, a preying mantis.

Hmmm, I don’t have a picture of the real catacombs, where scientists work for weeks and months with tiny drills and picks to liberate fossils from their stony beds; but I do have few pictures of the sub-basement, even lower, where research materials, specimens not on display, and yet-to-be-liberated fossils are stored.

science bloggers at the museum, with ostrich …. First, there’s a science blogger looking an ostrich skeleton in the eye.

science bloggers at the museum, research collection of bird skins …. Here’s a science blogger inspecting the museum’s collection of hawk skins.

science bloggers at the museum, goat and pig skeletons …. Some skeletons were too large for the cupboards.

science bloggers at the museum, whale bones …. Especially the bones of a right whale.


One Response to “Under the Museum…”

  1. S E E Quine Says:

    ` Indeed, right whale bones do not generally fit in drawers.

    ` My cat is lying on my arm! Weirdo…. I wonder what would happen if the two giant praying mantises got together?

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