Toronto STC, January 8: Simplified Technical English

One of our goals as communicators is to write technical materials that people can understand. And one of the ways to do that is to simplify our language. Simplified Technical English is one such approach. The aim is to make material easier to read and easier to translate. On January 8, Barry Braster is telling the Toronto Society for Technical Communication about how to use Simplified Technical English. Here’s the blurb:

Barry Braster, Tedopres InternationalIn today’s business, clear and consistent authoring has become a necessity: English has become the main language used in technical documentation throughout the world, but can be difficult to understand due to its many forms and complexity: complex sentence structures, multiple meanings and synonyms easily result in confusion. In addition, many readers’ command of English can fall below the level of those who created the documentation (technical writers and engineers).

About Tedopres International

Tedopres has been offering professional technical documentation services since 1974. Tedopres specializes in all assets that come with technical documentation, including technical translation in over 40 languages, technical illustrations as well as software development to support the creation and management of technical documentation.

We meet in the Burgundy Room at the North York Memorial Hall, 5110 Yonge St., Toronto, at 7 p.m. General Admission is $5; STC Members attend for free.

UPDATE: Due to unforseen circumstances, the meeting could not be held. I think there will be a webcast instead.

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