ERV: DI Fellows EXPELLED for plagiarism

S. A. Smith at Endogenous Retrovirus notes that the Discovery Institute hijacked a science video from Harvard University and re-dubbed it to support a creationist point of view:

This isn’t a case of naive copyright infringement on Dembski’s part, i.e. “Hey! I found this cool video on YouTube, let’s use it!” Though Dembski is pictured here, others have reported multiple DI ‘fellows’ presenting this manipulated animation. The Discovery Institute does not have a license to use this animation, so they downloaded it illegally.Maybe they think it is ‘okay’ to use it anyway, because they stripped off Harvard/XVIVOs copyright and credits.

Maybe they think it is ‘okay’ because they gave the animation a new title (‘Inner life of a cell’ became ‘The cell as an automated city’) and an extraordinarily unprofessional new narration (alternate alternate title—’Big Gay Al takes a tour of a cell!’). Harvard/XVIVOs narration, all of the science, is whisked away and replaced with a ‘surrealistic lilliputian realm’- ‘robots’, ‘manufacturing’, ‘circuitry’, ‘nano motors’, ‘UPS labels’. Maybe they think it is ‘okay’ because they turned all of Harvard’s science into ‘MAGIC!’
Hmm. From my point of view, as a virologist and former teaching assistant, this isnt just copyright infringement. This is theft and plagiarism.

I hope that Harvard and XVIVO are not going to stand for the misuse of their work. It brings a new meaning to “teach the controversy.” Even if all the Disco Inst. can do is PR, they could at least create their own videos.


3 Responses to “ERV: DI Fellows EXPELLED for plagiarism”

  1. ERV Says:

    Everyone at the Discovery Institute is a lawyer!!!

    What the hell were they thinking???

    Gha, Creationists…

  2. monado Says:

    Prob’ly, “I’m doing GOD’s work so everything I do is OK.” The same as when they beg pensioners to send their last dollar.

  3. ERV Says:

    Hey did you mean Dembskis OU ‘lecture’? Theyre online now! Matt might have had to reupload them :) But really, the only good parts are Part 4 and 5, for the Q&A hehehe!

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