New, improved Ambulocetans

Artist Carl Buell has a lovely picture of the Ambulocetans natans, a progenitor of the whale, which is updated with the latest scientific information. You can see it on his photostream on flickr.

Update: The Flickr photo is offline, so here is a similar image from National Geographic: The Walking Whale.

A furred, whiskered swimmimg mammal, ancestor of the whale

Ambulocetans, a transitional whale fossil


Here’s an image by Carl Buell from the University of New Zealand’s marine mammals wesbsite: Artist’s impression of Ambulocetans natans, courtesy of Carl Buell.

Here’s a different image by Carl Buell, from an evolution website.

A long, slender, swimming mammal attacking a deer-like animal from the water

Ambulocetans natans in action by Carl Buell

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