Cyclone Sidr heads for Bangladesh

Cyclone Sidr is a category 4 hurricane on its way to low-lying Bangladesh and gainin g strength on the way. Hundreds of thousands of people may die in it? So why haven’t Iheard about it except through other science bloggers. Science blogs are the newspapers we would have if everyone were like me. Chris Mooney has the story: time to panic, and he makes a good point: we should be readying the succour and rescue teams, hospital ships, air relief, or whatever.

Finally, here is a note on Alertnet, with a link to an interactive map of Bangladesh. The CBC has finally picked it up:

Sidr, currently a Category 4 storm, is on a “really similar track” as Cyclone Bhola, a storm that devastated the region in 1970, CBC meteorologist Nick Czernkovich said.

Bhola, which made landfall as a Category 3 cyclone, was the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded, resulting in the deaths of more than 500,000 people.

Cyclone Sidr alert:

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