IQ and reaction time

It always made sense to me that people who were smart usually had bodies in good working order, or vice versa: efficiency is efficiency. Now it seems that it isn’t quite that simple.

Battle of Beaumont Hamel

The First Newfoundland Regiment, on orders, walked into machine-gun fire near the village of Beaumont Hamel. It was part of the Battle of the Somme:

Among [the dead] were 255 men from the 1st Newfoundland Regiment; of the 801 men of the Newfoundland Regiment, only 68 men answered the regimental role call after the attack. 255 were dead, 386 were wounded, and 91 were listed as missing. Every officer who had gone over the top was either wounded or dead.

brief summary
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Take a look at Grandfather’s Great War, from the Scottish regiment The Cameronians.

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