Tangled Bank #92 at Paddy K

Tangled Bank 92 is online at Paddy K. It has a magical and Hallowe’eny theme.

Three Gorges Dam

Harold at Ontario Geofish points out that unstable surroundings make the Three Gorges Dam project in China a disaster waiting to happen.

Surgery for eight-limbed toddler

A large team of doctors in Bangalore operated on a toddler to remove extra limbs from a partially developed, conjoined twin. The girl, two years old, was joined at the pelvis by another pelvis and arms, but no head. Surgeons removed the extra limbs and transferred a kidney from the twin to Lakshimi in a marathon effort that took about 27 hours. The girl has been given an 80% chance of survival.

A scan of her skeleton is shown below.

The pictures are from Times Online.

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