Mutant starling?

Starlings are busy, noisy birds that like to flock together and don’t mind being aroud people. We see a lot of them in the city. They are dark with a speckled look.

The other day, I spied one that was partly white. I wasn’t sure what kind of bird it was, but it was the shape of a starling, acted like a starling, and kept with a flock of starlings and pigeons.

I managed to “zoom in” on it before it flew away. Looking at the picture, I’m more convinced that it was a starling: the feathers that do have pigment look like starling feathers.

If anyone wants to look for it, the bird was at Sherbourne and Shuter, one block up from Sherbourne and Queen.

Louisiana land loss

Coastal erosion is a fact of life in Louisiana, perhaps because of better flood control. The Mississipi is not carrying as much silt to its mouth. I attended a presentation this morning about coastal restoration. The speaker, Mr. Milling, kindly sent a copy of this map. It was prepared by the U.S. Geological Service, so it’s in the public domain. The red areas are land that has been eroded away from Louisiana since 1932–which was probably the first time the U.S. had an accurate map–and predicted up to 2050.

LOLcats: Monorail Cat is offline

This is about what I feel like tonight:

I’m home from the Project Management & Technical Communication Summit in New Orleans. All the cats are in and accounted for. The kittens are visibly bigger. I’m going to get some rest.

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