In New Orleans!

I slept in, missed the Community Service day, but walked “all over” the French Quarter for three hours, looking at lots of nice three-storey houses with iron-railed balconies. I had some crackers in the morning, then wandered around for almost three hours before finding the Cafe du Monde and its famous French beignets – a sort of puffy pillow of eggy pastry, deep-fried and then whisked to your table. Finally, a reason for powdered sugar! It keeps the beignets warm. Back at the hotel (Canal & Bourbon), I went to the conference welcoming buffet – a good thing, too, I was hungry.

Then a group of us went out again – I wanted a dark ale and they were after oysters. We waited in line for half an hour, then got into one oyster place where we could stand by the bar watching patient fellows shuck live oysters for our pleasure. I slipped away, ogling the costumes in the street — it’s the Saturday before Halowe’en. The streets are narrow – buld before cars were thought of, they’re at most two lanes wide. One of the tourist attractions is a tour by mule-drawn open carriage. But I resisted temptation — it’s $60. So I’ve had lots of fresh air today.

Time for touring

I reached the conference hotel after 02:30 local time, which was 03:30 my time. There were still partiers on the street and the band at the hotel restaurant was still going strong. The hotel’s sleep kit included a night mask and earplugs. But I gave myself permission to ignore the 06:30 alarm. I’m not working at Habitat for Humanity in the Musicians’ Village today. I might stagger over there now if I locate it, but I’m more likely to go for a walk. Two people have recommended Cafe du Monde to me for its beignets and cafe au lait. And I’m only three miles (5 km) south of Lake Pontchartrain, which I know only from folk songs. The hotel’s Web site listed a hundred things to see and do within 1.3 miles (2 km). Here is a link to New Orleans maps.

I experimented with the “old photo” sepia tint when I took a picture of the building fronts on Canal Street.

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